Control MediaMonkey From Launchy

You ever want a Lauchy command to control MediaMonkey? Well now you got it. Just download the attached zip, and extract it somewhere Launchy can see .lnk files (like the default Utilities folder, e.g.). The same files work for Winamp, just change the names to something more appropriate.

The trick is an obscure little utility I found called CLAMP, that does all the heavy lifting for me. I also used a trick I picked up somewhere to allow .lnk (shortcut) files, with relative references, by prepending your link with “%windir%\system32\cmd.exe /c “.

By the way, I don’t actually use this myself any more. I prefer MediaMonkey’s feature that you enable mouse gestures on the systray icon, which is much more convenient for me and my wireless mouse.


MediaMonkey Control

1300 Strips of Qwantz

The entire Qwantz (dinosaur comics) archive expressed in one comic:

Qwantz, for those who don’t know, is a webcomic only in the sense of being a comic on the web. Despite having posted about 1300 comics as of writing, the images have not varied at all, just the text.

I’ve averaged every comic with a combination of Python and ImageMagic, but boosting the text somewhat so it it’s not just an off-white image. Ryan North must obviously use a template file to create that perfectly aligned text. You can even make out that panel 3 tends to start with “I”, and panel six with “T-rex”, I think.

Source available here.


My first proper contribution to the wonderful Box2D engine, specifically the Flash port. I’ve added a third shape type to the engine, which dramatically increases the possible shapes you can describe. Hopefully my contribution will also show other people how to add shapes, and some of the deeper aspects of the engine.

It’s easier to describe than see, so try out a demo: Demo

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