Here’s list of my best projects. The project category lists more, and all posts gives everything.

Unity Assets

Tessera is a Unity asset for procedural generation using WaveFunctionCollapse
Varia is a free Unity asset for easily introducing random changes into levels

Open Source

Various projects on GitHub. Most things are MIT License.

DeBroglie is a C# library for WaveFunctionCollapse. It’s extremely feature rich, I’ve been working on it for years.
VoronatorSharp is a C#/Unity library for computing Voronoi diagrams.
Sylves is a C#/Unity library for handling grid geometry.

Games and Interactives

I’ve never really made anything substantial, but these go on itch.

Lucky Fluke is my favourite game jam game. Try to mow down aliens with the wobbliest gun in the west.
Junkbot Arena is another fun game jam project.
Mosaic Paint is a paint app that lets you paint on all sorts of regular tilings
For Keep’s Sake! is a castle building toy, made in a week for PROCJAM 2020
Tileset Creator is a tool for systematically creating different patterns of files.

Top Posts

Site analytics tell me these are the ones worth reading.

Dungeon Generation in Diablo 1 is the most popular in my series of articles breaking down how specific games do generation.
Dual Contouring Tutorial is the last of a 3 part series of converting density functions in 3d space into meshes.