Jules Takes Over the World

Jules felt stung as he left the psych ward. He wasn’t bothered by the battery of tests they ran – after all, he’d just had a major head accident. Nor was he bothered by the extra time they’d spent holding him as they flew in a neuro specialist to try and understand his extraordinary condition.

No, it was the final remarks as he was approved for release. “Sure, he’s testing off the charts for mental aptitude, perhaps a tenfold gain in thinking speed and memory, but that’s not a reason to hold him in a ward. What’s he going to do, take over the world?”

This, Jules took personally.

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The Grokalow

One day, the grokalow crawled out of the swamp.

“It looks like a gargantuan alligator”, cried a bystander, as it approached.

“Nay, it is a brobdingnagian crocodile”, countered a second, as the grokalow licked its leathery lips.

“Without a clear definition, we cannot conclude this thing is a threat”, surmised the third, settling the matter.

The grokalow ate them all, with great satisfaction.