Sprite Choppa

I saw a poster on TIGSource talk about manually cutting up sprite sheets, so I’ve dusted off a project from 2007 to solve it. Just load up a sprite sheet, select the background color, and export the results into a directory. It’s got a few extra features useful for what I originally wanted it for, too.

Just remember, this is from the archive, so way crappier than the stuff I do nowadays. I’ve barely touched it, except to brush off a few GUI bugs and delete menu options that don’t do anything.
But it does the job.


I’m not going to go into this thoroughly – just try to figure it out. Here are some hints for advanced usage:

  • You can select multiple transparent colors with CTRL.
  • To deal with tile sets, right click on the detected sprite and select “Split” to produce neatly cut squares.
  • Recoloring is very tedious, except when the same example sprite has been provided in different palettes, then you can “Use Sprite” to copy the palette from one to the other.
  • I doubt that “bulk processing” is useful to anyone, just forget about it.