Tessera 3d tile level generation

After a lot of work, I’ve prepared my first ever commercial release. It’s an addon for Unity that lets you procedurally generate levels and other things based on a simple tile setup.

You can find documentation here.

The key technology is based on DeBroglie, which I released as open source earlier this year, but honestly I spent far more time polishing the UI, designing and testing examples, and putting together the above video (my first on YouTube).

I don’t really think it’ll sell that well, but I’m still pleased as punch to have released something that I feel has real quality to it.

I’ve got lots more features I’d like to add, many already implemented in DeBroglie, but first we’ll see if there’s any interest in the addon.

One thought on “Tessera 3d tile level generation

  1. I left some feedback on the review page for this asset. I hope you get a chance to read it. Overall, this has the potential to be the #1 general purpose level generator on the asset store. I am actually excited about its potential. I hope you continue to improve it.

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