Projects Using My Software

Some of my tools and software have been arond for some time. Plenty of people use them them, judging from queries and stats I see, but few write back to tell me where it’s actually been used. Here I document some of the published projects. I’m always pleased to see more.

Projects Using Sylves

My Projects

Sylves Demos – Some demo code using sylves in a variety of ways.

Mosaic Paint – A paint program for non-square grids

Tessera – WaveFunctionCollapse procedural generation for Unity.

Other Projects

With The Grain – a 10 minute zen puzzler.

Projects using DeBroglie

Wrath & Glory Space Hulk Generator

Projects using Tessera

Project Electric Sheep – A trippy AI powered walking simulator. Tessera is used for buildings.

Escape From Darkerlands – A mobile game with procedurally generated maps.

The Forever Factory

Infinity Islets